Spain's Microcrystalline Wax export to India was up by 15% year to year in August -
US Wax exports up by 10% as cargoes were shipped to Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and China so far this year -
South Korea's FOB Slack Wax price up by 25% since start of the year -
More than 15 Indian companies imported 2500 tons of Slack Wax from UAE, Thailand and Indonesia in August -
China's Lanzhou Petrochemical wax prices marked up by 30% since start of the year -
Slack Wax FOB UAE price hike up by 70% year on year in October -
More than 35 Indian companies imported 3200 tons of Paraffin Wax from UAE, China, Thailand and Egypt in August -
China's Nanyang Paraffin Fine Chemicals wax prices up by 20% since start of the year -
Microcrystalline Wax FOB USA price up by 10% year to year in October -
Thailand's August Refined Paraffin Wax import was up by 40% as cargoes arrived from Japan, China, Malaysia, Spain and Taiwan -
Major Wax importers from US in July are Canada, Mexico, China, Germany and Malaysia -
Slack Wax FOB Iran price up by 70% year to year in October -
India's Micro Crystalline Wax import down by 20% in August as Vaaghani Inc, Rays Import Inc, Gandhar Oil Refinery, Perfetti Van Melle India, Dhariwalcorp Pvt Ltd and Emami Ltd imported cargoes from USA, Spain, South Korea, Thailand and Italy -
US Wax import up by 30% from Canada, China, Malaysia, UK, Taiwan and Greece so far this year -
Microcrystalline Wax FOB South Korea price up by 25% year to year in October -
US July Wax production skyrockets amid renewed demand from Latin America -
India's August Slack Wax import from UAE up by 55% at 1800 tons -
UAE Residue Wax FOB price up by 55% year to year in October -
Japan's August Paraffin Wax export firms to a 5-month high amid a rise in shipments to USA, Thailand, Germany, China, South Korea and Taiwan -
China's Shanghai Gaoqiao wax prices are up by 30% since start of the year -