More than 25 Paraffin Wax suppliers from UAE, China, Thailand and Germany exported 3000 tons to India in February -
Thailand imported more than 2200 tons of Refined Paraffin Wax in February as cargoes arrived from China, Japan and Malaysia -
China's Shanghai Gaoqiao wax price marginally up by 15% in March -
Residue Wax FOB Iran price marginally up by 10% in April -
UAE's Paraffin Wax export to India up by 15% year to year at 1880 tons in February -
Major Wax importers from US in January are Canada, Mexico, Italy, China and Germany, Australia -
FOB Paraffin Wax Full refined Egypt price up by USD 30 PMT in April -
Microcrystalline Wax suppliers Repsol Lubricantes, Sasol Chemicals, SJ Materials, Iberceras Special Ties, HCI Wax, Double Ocean and Sonneborn exported larges cargoes to Asia in February -
China's Paraffin Wax export to Brazil up by 75% at 4100 tons in February -
Microcrystalline Wax FOB Germany price up by 5% in April -
US January Wax imports up 10% at 152,000 barrels as cargoes arrived from Canada, UK, Malaysia, Taiwan, France, Spain & China -
China's Daqing Petrochemical wax price up by 15% in March 2021 -
Germany FOB Paraffin Wax Full refined price up by USD 25 PMT in April -
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India's Micro Crystalline Wax import is up 25% so far this year as cargoes arrived from Spain, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, USA, Netherlands and Italy -
Slack Wax FOB UAE price hike up by USD 15 PMT in March -
China's Sinopec Maoming Co. wax price marginally up in February -
Indian Slack Wax importers Magna Dealers, R K International, Bilal Match Works, The Mehta Industries, R V S Petrochem and Vani Chemicals imported more than 100 tons each in February -
US Wax export to Mexico up by 50% at 30,000 barrels in December -
Residue Wax FOB Iran price up by 10% year on year in March -